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This weekend when I was driving in Mansfield, a frail old man asked for a 'lift'. In other words, he wanted a ride. I did not stop my car. The old man was well dressed and didn't look like one of those weird looking hitchhikers. Though Kavitha and I wanted to stop the car and give the old man a ride, we just didn't. I wasn't sure if it was legal. I hoped that a cop may drive by and offer the old man a drive. I felt bad later.

In India when I used to go to school from Madhavaram to Perambur, my friends and I used to thumb people in bi-cycles to get a ride from Moolakadai to Sembiam. We used to sit in the cycles' 'carrier'. That saved us at least 50 paise a day and with that we brought ourselves a samosa during the morning break. This used to be a routine. In the evenings, the company buses of SRF (Sri Ram Fibres) will stop and pick up students at Moolakadai and drop us off at Madhavaram. It used to be fun.Now I had a chance to offer someone a ride and I just couldn't and I didn't.

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