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வணக்கம் !

This is the first time I'm venturing into the beautiful world of blogging. I intend to write about almost anything that comes to my mind.

I'm a proud alumni of the great Annamalai University.

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I frequently reminisce about my time in the Chidambaram Railway Station. For any Annamalain - RS would be in the Top 3 of his/ her favorite places in Chidambaram. We rarely visited RS in the first year for the fear of being ragged kept us away and limited us to places like the temple or Mariappa theatre. But from the second year onwards, we frequented the RS. After the days' class, my friends and I used to go to the Vegetarian Light Refreshment Stall in the RS. The VLRS was our Taj Bukhara.

A plate of poori was Rs. 3. There will be 2 pooris and some கிழங்கு. Now there was a better option. If you decide to have சாம்பார் instead of கிழங்கு then you get 3 pooris. So you know the obvious - always got poori with sambar.

Most of the GRE preparation was done in the early morning serene settings of the RS. My friends Sathyan, Prabhu and I used to wake up at 2 in the morning and walk to the RS. Muthu, anotehr friend from the Mech. department used to be the only person sitting in the RS at that time. Most of the times he used to be half asleep with the holding the GRE book loosely in his hand. The general agreement was we wake him up at 4 in the morning or when the VLRS opens in the morning around 4:30. On Mondays, we used to wait for the train from Madras, for obvious reasons, while sipping the piping hot tea.

From passing time to preparing GRE - the Chidambaram RS was an integral part of my life in Annamalai. It will ever remain so.

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