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After a 2 week break, we did some pruning and cleaning. The tomatoes are now about the size of a small cherry. The bean plants are tall and the spearmint plants are tall with broad, thick leaves.

Apart from the plants doing well, there is something to talk about the animal life in the garden. The simple sight of bees sitting and buzzing over the marigold flowers is one to cherish. Our neighbhor's cat was following a wild turkey like a tiger on a prowl. It had no chance against the big turkey but it looked like a big tiger getting ready to jump on it's prey. After a while it just got tired and gave up. A deer was grazing in the lawn and it even took a couple of steps towards me when I offerred it a bunch of tomato leaves. It then decided not to trust the dangerous animal on the planet and quickly ran in to the woods.

As I took the picture of the Asiatic Lily bloom, I was able to capture the deer grazing in the background. If the different sights and happenings in a small apartment garden are so beautiful, think about what is in store out there in the little wilderness that is left. Nature is the face of God and it is sad that we human beings are defacing it.

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