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Once again this year, I'm planning on participating in the CRY Walk in Boston. It is on August 23 @ Thorndike Field in Arlington, Mass. (99 Margaret Street, Arlington, MA).

For the sake of the children, skip a latte or an Indian Buffet lunch (don't skip your lunch, cook at home). And be kind enough to donate that amount to Child Rights and You. I have set a small goal and I need your help in achieving it.

இன்னாது இரக்கப் படுதல் இரந்தவர்
இன்முகங் காணும் அளவு

It is nice not to see a needy face in pain, give
till it blushes in joy with hands full of gain (திருவள்ளுவர், translated by J Narayanaswamy)

Please click here to make a donation:

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