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I now have a small Potted Garden in the lawn outside my apartment. This is what I currently have in the garden:

Tomato (Roma): Got a single plant and planted it in a big 5 gallon pot. Its growing well and just this past weekend I added fertilizers.

Bell Peppers: Brought 6 plants and planted them in two 5 gallon pots with each pot having 3 plants. They seem to grow very slowly. Added fertilizers this past weekend. Hopefully they will do well.

Onion: Planted seeds a couple of weeks ago and now I see some shoots off the seeds. This weekend I will remove them and will plant them in separate pots.

Cilantro: Planted a few coriander seeds in a small pot. They seem to grow very slowly. Its been 4 weeks now and only now the leaves have started taking shape.

Methi: In a 2 gallon pot, I planted a few fenugreek seeds and they grew very fast. The pot now has a thick bush of Methi leaves. After a couple of weeks, will probably use them in Methi paratha or dhal.

Hydrangea: We almost lost this plant as we planted it way too early before summer. I had to dig up the plant and keep it inside the home and it grew again. Just this past weekend I planted it outside. Hopefully it will grow and have some good blooms.

Yellow Dahlia: Brought a single plant from the local greenhouse and transferred it to a 4 gallon pot. The flowers look beautiful.

Orange Marigold: Brought a single plant from the local greenhouse and transferred it to a 4 gallon plant. I have a few flowers now. Hope to have some beautiful big blooms.

Zinnia: Planted seeds in the pot in which I have the rose plant. All the seeds have germinated and I now have some small plants. Will transfer them to individual pots this coming weekend.

Carrot: Just planted seeds. Hopefully it is not too late to plant carrots.

I brought almost all the plants/ seeds/ fertilizers from a local greenhouse - Edmondsons Farms. I also picked up some manure (yes....cow dung) from a local milk farm. Have a lot of work to do this coming weekend. I'm planning on planting more tomatoes. I will also be planting a few Chrysanthemums as the summer progresses. I also planted a Himalayan Blue Pine sapling. I hope I can keep it alive and see it grow as a big and beautiful fern.

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Awesome dude!! Keep the mails going

June 4, 2008 at 2:34 PM

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