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The Memorial Day weekend was a movie weekend. The first movie we saw was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. It was a huge disappointment. I did not expect it to be as good as the Last Crusade, but the new movie failed to score even half the points. The ending was just ridiculous - wasn't like a Spielberg movie.

The next day, we decided to go for a drive-in movie. It was a funny experience. My wife, My SIL, My brother and I drove to the drive-in theater around 9 PM. After we brought the tickets and tuned in to the FM channel carrying the audio of the movie, I realized that the gas tank was almost empty and so I had to drive out of the theater having an Indian moment by asking the box office clerk if we could drive back in after we pump some gas. We made a re-entry after 10 minutes and the movie had just started. It took us close to an hour to find the perfect angle to park the car so that all four of us could see the screen clearly. After we parked the car, my wife and I walked to the snack bar and brought some pop-corn which was ridiculously priced. We brought some pop-corn and ice-cream. What's a movie without junk food?

The movie was over by 11:30 and as I was driving out of the theater, I was forced to make a U-turn and make a second re-entry - this time to catch another movie at the same theater. Once again I had my second Indian moment of the day. I asked the box-office clerk if we could watch another movie with the same ticket. She said, "Oh yes. You have paid for your movies".

Wow...what a deal - pay $9 and watch two movies. This time we parked at a better angle and watched the movie Iron Man. After about 1 hour into the movie, all of us fell asleep except my brother. He asked me to drive home as he was the only person who was watching the movie. So I woke up and started driving and reached home around 1 AM. The next morning the car looked like a trash bin with pop-corn strewn all over the place.

Overall it was a very good weekend.

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