An Act of Kindness  

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When I was about 9 years old I was down with Jaundice. The allopathic treatment did not work and after taking me to a number of doctors, my Dad finally took me to Sheeba Nursing Home, which someone had recommended. When we went there the first time, we were told that it would only take 3 visits for them to cure the disease. (I still remember the tonic that they gave tasted awful). By our third visit, I felt a lot better and the third visit was more like a formality.

As we left the nursing home for the final time, my dad brought me some tender coconut water from an old man who was selling them on a small wooden cart right outside the hospital gate. Without realizing that he may not have enough money to pay for the bus tickets, my dad brought me one இளநீர். After paying the old man (thatha), he realized we did not have enough money to go home. We still needed Rs. 1.50 for the bus tickets. The hospital was too far away from our home that it would have cost a fortune for us to take the auto-rickshaw.

Seeing that we were in some kind of trouble, the thatha inquired about the problem and once my dad explained him the situation, without any hesitation, he loaned my Dad Rs. 2. My Dad did not accept the money from the thatha. But he insisted that we take the money. He said that we could return him the money when we return the next time. My Dad once again refused saying that this was our last visit and we would not return. The thatha said not worry about it and asked my father to take the money.

My dad had paid the thatha Rs. 1.50 for the tender coconut water. And now the thatha was giving us back Rs. 2.

My Dad finally accepted the money from the thatha. The thatha told my Dad that I was like his grandson and that he would think that he he gave money to his grandson.

This happened sometime in 1987-88. At that time Rs. 2, I'm sure, was a big amount for a thatha who sells tender coconut water in a wooden cart. The thatha wasn't even wearing a shirt. Just a dhoti. For him to part with such a big amount, knowing that he won't be getting it back, was a big act of kindness.

செய்யாமல் செய்த உதவிக்கு வையகமும்
வானகமும் ஆற்றல் அரிது
Voluntary help from unforeseen quarters is,
in quantum, worth heaven and earth

He was so happy to help us. He was a great man. I wish I could meet that thatha now.

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