Lake Anna  

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A beautiful countryside lake, about 85 miles southwest of Washington D.C. - That is where we spent our Saturday.

Lake Anna, a beautiful man-made (the best oxymoron I have used) lake was a wonderful getaway for a weekend break. About 2/3 of the road trip was covered on I-95 and the rest on scenic winding country roads. Ranches, country homes and vineyards dotted the route. After a while we reached a small port at Lake Anna.

We decided to rent Jet-Skis. I had to overcome some initial fear as none of us knew swimming. But thanks to the "wonderful" DVD presentation and the fact that Rajkumar had already decided to rent the Jet-Ski, I decided to do the same. And that was the best part of the day.

The first few minutes were scary. The Jet-Ski was wobbling and I had difficulty in handling the handle-bar. But after a few minutes, the fear slowly 'dissolved in water' thanks to the Life-Vest that we were wearing. It took a few more minutes to control the Jet-Ski. Once in control, we started skiing and boy, it was fun. But I continued to have difficulty in steering the Jet-Ski.

On the other end of the lake, Rajkumar and Pavithra were cruising on their Jet-Ski. It probably reminded Rajkumar of the good old days of his Yamaha riding in Annamalai. By the time I got my ankle wet, he was completely wet. He was just zipping across the lake. Spurred by his showboating, I decided to now hit the top gear and in a short while I was jumping over the waves and did a little bit of showboating myself. As we jumped over the waves, my Red Sox cap flew away (I knew something would happen to it when the rental guy said he was a Yankee).

Being the pillion rider for 40 minutes, Kavitha decided that it was her turn to handle the Jet Ski. We returned to the port and with the help of the rental guys, we switched seats and after the initial hiccups, she started Jet-Skiing. She had fun too.

Overall that was the best part of the day.

The afternoon was spent in the Lake Anna beach. We played Frisbee and throw-ball (where the ladies won in a thrilling match), ate bhel-puri, sat on a pier with our legs in water.

Thanks to Rajkumar - we went to a great place and had some good adventure.

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